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deviation in storage by kittynn


Commission: Traveling Across by Devinian
Commission: Traveling Across
Hello again, dear DA! This commission was made for :iconinfrasonicman: involving his Earth Pony OC named Ever Steady.
It's a Cargo hauling, delivery pony. I guess even equestria needs their own UPS, right? Town in the background is just some random unnamed settlement. We don't have enough referencess in the show to even know how towns other than Ponyville can look like. There was a bit of experimenting with a different time of day and some yellow light it creates :P
My little schoolhouse by Devinian
My little schoolhouse
Yey CMC! This time I felt like delving into some carefree life of pony youth. Mainly I was interested in a schoolhouse. There was always something nice and cozy in those school houses from the past, that made me really want to be a part of it. This might have been the best part of the "Road to Avonlea".
 Actually, this piece was occupying my desktop for a longer time now and it was that moment to finish it up. More observant of you might notice there's some lineart visible here and there. That's because I begun painting on my sketch layer and didn't noticed this 'til it was too late. Well, *it happens.

(And yes, hashtags still suck)
Commission: Crystals of thy heart by Devinian
Commission: Crystals of thy heart
Another one done. This time it's a Crystal Empire for Mr. LoyalWing :iconloyalwing: with his OC present on the piece alongside our nerdy Princess Twilight. Seems like royal guards are really into her :)
 I allowed myself for some artistic interpretation by adding random river next to the city to make the place look a bit less... empty. Why wouldn't someone want a river in their city?
Lost in a diary by Devinian
Lost in a diary
Or The great and powerful diary (because that wasn't overused already) Seems like diaries are a common thing in Equestria. I can see Trixie having one being almost her best friend and trusty traveling companion. Shes one of those characters we don't actually know much about, but what the show depicts makes her look very ambitious yet not so succesful... wherever she is now.
commission: Delightful day in a blooming land by Devinian
commission: Delightful day in a blooming land
Ahh... Anothier commission I decided to take. It's good to know there are some very patient people out there :) This one is for :iconxbeautifuldreamerx: and :iconsyico: with both their lovely OC's! I have not expected to ever paint something like that, but here I was doing butter...ponies and giant flowers.
The best thing is this time those aren't unicorns!
I would've said that I'm going back on track, but knowing myself I can't be sure of anything.
Oh well... back to the unicorns now :)


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Debica
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Ethnic, Folk, SeaShanties, Folkmetal, Power Metal
Favourite style of art: My Style ;P
Operating System: Win7
Wallpaper of choice: Made by me and fits me like a glove
Skin of choice: Skin of What?!
Favourite cartoon character: Applejack, Luna, Zim, Ren, Red guy, Plucky Duck and Duck Dodgers
Personal Quote: You will be suprised... Oww You will be Veeery much suprised

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AcidAir03 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Masz jakąś własną stronę lub inny portal gdzie jeszcze wrzucasz swoje prace czy pozostajesz tylko przy DA?
janfon1 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
Twoje prace, wybitnie stworzone krajobrazy o ciepłych kolorach i fantastycznie wytworzonej głębi - to jest poziom rysowania, do jakiego chcę dojść.
Idzie mi nawet dobrze, niestety nie znam żadnego dobrego i taniego skanera, ażebym mógł pokazać moje najlepsze dzieła (które są stworzone za pomocą ołówka i dla lepszej widoczności podkreślone długopisem). Pozostaje mi pracować w Paincie, gdyż żaden inny program mi nie pasuje... no niestety.
Ty tymczasem... nie musisz się nawet rozwijać. Dobiłeś już samego szczytu, jesteś teraz fantastyczną inspiracją dla innych.
Ja ci nie życzę sukcesu - jak ci go gratuluję. Dożyj dobrych lat, kiedy ludzie zaczną uznawać twe prace zza internetu i zbij na tym zasłużoną fortunę. Tak jak mi mówią doświadczeni, tak i ja oświadczam ci to samo - masz talent, rozwiń go i wykorzystaj w jak najdogodniejszy sposób.
Frostburn195 Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2015
Your art is... just divine!

Zaraz... Ty jesteś z Polski... Wow! Naprawdę, wspaniale wiedzieć, że mamy tak znakomitych artystów! Twoje dzieła zapierają dech w piersiach, masz wielki talent i umiejętności. Jestem pod ogromnym wrażeniem.
Wakko2010 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015
Jesteś wielki artysta i przyjaciel Polski

You're a great artist and friend of Poland
NostradamusT Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2015
I've seen lots of scene of pretty landscape in your arts, mountains, woods, fall, field...well, do you have a plan to draw ocean, desert or canyon ?
Devinian Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Some plans for those are made but when this will happen, I have no idea. Many times when I come up with some idea, I find someone else doing something similar very well :)
gutgutgut Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015
Your drawings are all amazing, keep up the good work!
PointPony Featured By Owner May 23, 2015  Hobbyist Filmographer
I rarely leave comments, mostly because of my poor English, but this time I cannot remain silent. Your work... it's incredible. Every picture - is brilliant. It's like the music that carries to other worlds. Just by looking at them, I was filled with an infinite peace and happiness. You are a gifted person, please keep doing this amazing work.
FlutterbatIsMagic Featured By Owner May 16, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Someday I will have to commission you to do a pony painting of my favorite mountain: Mount Rainier (14,411 ft.). I've always loved the mounains, whether they are in paintings or in real life. They just look so epic.:D And I LOVE your paintings! I'd really love to see Fluttershy and Twilight just sitting back and taking in the view of Mount Rainier National Park, which ponified would be "Mount Reinier National Park."

The views of Mount Rainier that I get while hiking just blows my mind away every time. Rainier, draped by over 26 glaciers, rises over 13,000 feet from the valley floor to it's glaciated summit. A single mountain rising dramatically above the surrounding terrain... so awesome. The wildflower meadows at Paradise are spectacular.... It's just so beautiful there, perhaps more so than even Yellowstone and Yosemite (which is saying a lot). ;) 

Here are a few photos of Mt. Rainier National Park for your consideration:…
Devinian Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Each time you are going hiking? Are you living somewhere close to it? It must be really inspiring place to be in. I could use some inspiration, but I'm nailed to my big PC therefore I won't be painting in pretty places. Mountain woods are more of my thing :)
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